Myanmar coup
Myanmar coup


Ongoing Uncertainty


Since our last newsletter the situation in Myanmar has not improved.

While in February we were reporting on the colourful and creative demonstrations throughout the whole country, the  situation has somewhat darkened since then.

Outcome: yet uncertain.

The military and the police have stepped up their crackdown on peaceful protesters all over the country – sometimes with deadly consequences. But just as the military’s approach has increased, so has the anger and the determination of the demonstrators, many of them getting permanent tattoos featuring symbols of resistance.

Barricades have also been “enhanced” by hanging up female longyis (the Myanmar version of the sarong). Myanmar security forces are afraid to pass under women’s longyis as they believe this will cause them to lose their spiritual power and male superiority. The Myanmar Longyi Movement is a way of women’s resistance and fight against the coup. You can read more about it here.

Clashes could also be observed from our office in Yangon, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Myaynigone junction in Sanchaung Township.

We are unable to go into the details here or to speculate about any possible resolution of the crisis. We ask our readers for their understanding and to follow the international news regarding the latest developments in Myanmar.

Our office in Yangon remains operational and we wish the brave people of Myanmar every success in overcoming this political turmoil.

Kind Regards,

Carsten Schmidt
Group Director of Operations & Products 
ICS Travel Group

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