Agafay Luxury Camp, Morocco
Agafay Luxury Camp, Morocco


Desert Glamping

The Agafay Desert: an arid, rocky, yet majestic landscape that resembles a rough, dry, moon-like crater, only 30km southwest of Marrakesh.

The Agafay desert extends over many hundred acres. In this surreal paradise, frogs and turtles live peacefully within the Oueds, encircled by water and rocks. A few Berber villages still exist – lost within the dunes and the austere surroundings.

Few experiences can beat an overnight camp in the desert, and Agafay Desert Luxury Camp takes this to a level of luxury unexpected in such isolated surroundings. The 18 large tents are furnished with rustic glamour. Antique travelling trunks, timber furniture, rattan and rugs, lanterns to light the night – all add to the ambience. Outside the tents, a sun lounger and coffee table sit on the sand, and further away there’s a fire pit, restaurant and swimming pool.

Fscinating expereinces await! Take in the abundant arc of Takerkouste Lake and explore the town of Amizmiz. Embark on a a camel ride and look out over the chain of mountains. Pause for a glass of mint tea then head off-piste to narrow valleys that shelter ancient Berber villages. Discover the mountain community of Imi n’Tala. Enjoy a traditional lunch in a native home in a small village. Weave along windy isolated tracks towards the rocky expanse of the Agafay Desert.

Agafay Desert, Morocco
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