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Aberdeen’s Boat Noodles


As much as we didn’t enjoy being on lockdown and unable to travel, it did give us the opportunity to explore the incredible places that are right on our doorstep – and discover secret spots never visited before!

Aberdeen is a must-visit attraction in Hong Kong, and one of the highlights of the Hong Kong tour. This quaint fishing village is a throwback to a different era. About 5,000 people still live on boats in the harbour backed by the bustling metropolis. A sampan ride gives the chance to get a close up look at this historic community.

However there’s one place that you may not discover on your own – ‘Lau Kee’ Restaurant which specialises in traditional boat noodles…

This famous boat cruises around Aberdeen stopping at various locations to serve up steaming bowls of delicious noodles.

You can choose from fish balls, fish slices, roast pork, roast goose or beef to go with the noodles. The incredible flavour of the fish soup is a closely guarded secret. It’s boiled for at least two hours and is definitely worth a try!

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Hong Kong Boat Noodles
Hong Kong Boat Noodles