Bali - Drift over Bali’s Cultural Heart
Bali - Drift over Bali’s Cultural Heart


Balloon Over Bali

Nestled in Bali’s lush heartland, Ubud captivates with its vibrant arts scene, tranquil rice terraces and spiritual allure. Ubud is legendary for its brilliant array of nature’s most vibrant shades.

Now see this spectacular display from above, with the Island of the Gods’ first and only hot air balloon experience. Soar above the lush landscapes of Ubud, offering breath-taking views of Bali’s cultural heart. Drift gently as the sun sets, creating magical moments to cherish forever.

Includes complimentary of 1 digital photo
Each ride is ideal for 2 adults (max weight of 150kg)
Hot air balloon does not travel around, it climbs up for 7 – 10 minutes before returning to the ground
The hot air balloon climbs up to 50 meters high

For further information and requests, contact our team in Bali.