Bali - Sacred Spiritual Rituals
Bali - Sacred Spiritual Rituals


Bali – Sacred Spiritual Rituals

Embark on a distinctive spiritual journey to Beji Griya Waterfall in the Mambal region. The name originates from “Beji” for a sacred bathing area and “Griya” for a residential compound.

As you approach Beji Griya Waterfall, you’ll be greeted by lush rice fields and crisp, refreshing air. After donning traditional Balinese attire, your guide will lead you to Pingit Cave for the Melukat ritual, hidden beneath a rocky canyon. Continuing to the waterfall, let the cascading water cleanse your body and release negative energy with a shout from its 15-meter height.

Return to the main temple to receive the priest’s final blessing and express gratitude to the gods once more. Conclude your spiritual journey with a 90-minute healing massage from a Balinese healer. You may also partake in traditional healing rituals, passed down through Balinese families for centuries, including deep bodywork and energy balancing.

Savour three delectable dishes of gourmet plant-based cuisine to honor your vitality. Let the vibrant flavours, textures, and colors of nature’s bounty shine through.

Conclude your spiritual journey with an ancient Hindu fire ritual called ‘Agni Hotra’, rooted in Vedic literature. While historically practiced in Bali, it’s now more common in South Asia and Nepal, often performed during full moons.

Bali - Sacred Spiritual Rituals