Ancient Trans Bhutan trail opens


After extensive restoration, Bhutan will reopen the historic and sacred Trans Bhutan Trail for the first time in 60 years. 

The trail will be officially inaugurated by the King of Bhutan, whose vision was to restore the ancient route for tourism, adventure and connection.

From April 2022, international tourists will be able to walk the trail for the first time. It is 403km (250 miles) long and combines active travel with cultural experiences and benefits of the local communities – the ultimate bucket-list adventure for those who love hiking!

The historic pilgrimage trail is running almost the entire length of the country, a nation on the edge of the Himalayas and famed for its breathtaking mountain views and fascinating monasteries and temples rich with history.

The trail’s origins go back at least 500 years when it connected fortresses called dzongs and served as the pilgrimage route for Buddhists in the east traveling to sacred sites in western Bhutan and Tibet. Garps (trail runners) worked the trail and were legendary, traveling with mail and vital messages at great speed, without food or water. 

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