China - Emerging Wine Oasis
China - Emerging Wine Oasis


Emerging Wine Oasis

Ningxia, a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered, presents a captivating fusion of cultural richness and oenophilic pleasures. Nestled in western-central China, this lesser-known autonomous region boasts a captivating history tracing back to 200 BC, yet remains undiscovered by many travelers. Yinchuan, its capital, acts as the gateway to Ningxia’s treasures, where Islamic and traditional Chinese influences harmonize in architectural splendor.

Delving into Ningxia reveals a tapestry of ancient wonders, from the enigmatic Western Xia Tombs to remnants of the Great Wall, each narrating the province’s rich heritage. However, it’s Ningxia’s burgeoning wine industry that truly distinguishes it. While the first winery opened in 1985, the region’s dry climate, high altitudes, and abundant irrigation from the Yellow River swiftly transformed it into one of China’s foremost wine-producing areas. Wineries like Silver Heights and Kanaan craft award-winning vintages, showcasing the dedication and commitment of local wine-growers who meticulously tend to the grapevines, burying them under soil in late November and uncovering them in April to survive the harsh winter.

Beyond the vineyards, Ningxia’s diverse landscape beckons adventurers, from the windswept deserts near Zhongwei to the scenic meanders of the Yellow River. Whether embarking on camel rides across shifting sand dunes or seeking solace in tranquil retreats at local boutique B&Bs, the province promises experiences unmatched elsewhere in China.

China - Emerging Wine Oasis
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