Chust – City of Knives
Chust – City of Knives


Chust – City of Knives


Classic itineraries for Uzbekistan usually include the well-known cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. But let’s deviate from the standard route and explore the small town of Chust in Namangan Province – one of the ancient settlements of the Ferghana Valley. In 2005 Chust celebrated its 3,500th anniversary. 

Chust is one of the oldest metal processing centres in Central Asia and is famous for its unique knives, as well as traditional headdresses – skullcaps. Therefore, the first thing you should definitely buy while staying in Chust is a knife (pichak) – the best in Uzbekistan.

Local blacksmiths (suzangars) put their brand on the blade of the finished product. It usually looks like a simple drawing. Each knife is a piece of art, produced manually in small forges by artisans, who pass their skills from father to son. Chust knives are incredibly sharp and beautiful. Their blade will serve its owner for a long time and remain sharp. Pichaks differ in cost, purpose and even in the metal of manufacture. The best knives are made of dark gray steel with a blue tint. 

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