Egypt train
Egypt train


A sleeping car through the Land of the Pharaohs


Al Watania Sleeping Trains is the first Egyptian company to operate services on behalf of the Egyptian National Railways.

The company operates up to three sleeping trains a day, among others between Cairo and Luxor and vice versa, carry approximately 400,000 passengers a year. 

The Watania Sleeper Train is a slice of old-fashioned rail travel. It departs every evening from Ramses Train Station in Cairo at 07:45pm (and 20 minutes later at Giza Station) and travels overnight to arrive in Luxor at 06:15am.

We recommend to aim for a bottom berth and face the direction of travel. The bottom berth gives you control of the table and of course avoids any undignified falling out of bed when on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night! It is usually cooler down under and you can watch the sunrise out of the window from your bed.

Travelling with the Watania Sleeper Train, you will arrive in Luxor in a comfortable bed and save money for the hotel and meals in one step.

(Top image source: Erst Watania)

Egypt train
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