Laos - Responsible Animal Experiences<br />
Laos - Responsible Animal Experiences<br />


Ethical Animal Experiences

Let’s promote a compassionate and sustainable approach to tourism in Laos! Embrace ethical tourism and support animal welfare by choosing responsible wildlife encounters and saying no to activities that exploit animals. Discover the country’s natural beauty, engage in eco-friendly adventures and contribute to the conservation of its incredible wildlife. 

Elephant Conservation Center

  • Respectful of the elephants’ welfare based on the five freedoms of animals under human care. 
  • Involved in offering a new life to both elephants and mahouts as well as protecting their habitat.
  • Supported by official and reputable organizations (IRD – Australian Aid – ElephantAsia).
  • Sustainable projects include: “Kids in conservation” teach the kids the important role of elephants in the environment / “Mahout Academy” to conserve traditional mahout knowledge.
  • Location:  Nam Tien Lake, Sayabouri Province.

Mandalao Elephant Conservation

  • Works on giving elephants a dignified and comfortable life and home in the nature they belong to after a lifetime of intense work.
  • Social business hiring local staff directly from Ban Xieng Lom community and providing training to staff in their field of work.
  • Important percentage of the conservation site income is used to support the village and villagers.
  • Location:  Luang Prabang.

Free The Bear Laos Sanctuaries

  • Member of Free the Bears Organization working on the rescue and conservation of South-East Asian bears such as Moon Bears and Sun bears (itself supported by not less than 30 organisations worldwide).
  • Part of the entrance fee is dedicated to the conservation of the animal working in collaboration with the Lao Department of Forestry.
  • Provides valuable training, employment opportunities and alternative livelihoods to local villagers, destined to become Laos’ future wildlife warriors.
  • Location:  Kuang Si Waterfall.

Kuang Si Butterfly Park

  • Park and research centre aiming at the conservation and preservation of butterflies in Laos and their natural environment by studying and publishing their situation.
  • Raise awareness on the importance of preserving nature and the natural environment for butterflies.
  • Location:  Kuang Si Waterfall.

Lao Buffalo Dairy Farm

  • Sustainable farm and social enterprise aiming at improving local community welfare, health and education with a focus on buffalo farming.
  • 2020 Winner of the World Responsible Tourism Award (WTM).
  • Location:  Luang Prabang.