Ethical Experiences


Enjoy the green and beautiful life of Bali on our two new sustainable tours:


Beautiful Local Life

Discover authentic Balinese life in a remote village, immerse yourself in local culture and learn about traditional arts and crafts…

Visit a traditional market to see the fresh produce, snacks and specialties for sale. Learn all about Bali’s village architecture and take a look around a local palace.

On an eco-friendly bicycle, explore the quiet streets. In local houses and workshops, see how skilled artisans carve beautiful Balinese temples from logs of wood and watch stone carvers at work. Join a mother as she bakes traditional crispy cookies, and witness the process of getting milk (locally called “tuak”) from a tree.

On foot, walk through fields and bamboo trees to another house for a delicious local lunch. There’s plenty of time to chat with the villagers while they demonstrate the making of Balinese coffee and cakes for your dessert.

Hong Kong Boat Noodles
Hong Kong Boat Noodles

Art, Artists and Villages

Spend the day meeting incredible local artisans and  supporting children and the artistic community …

Visit Tirta Empul Temple from where holy spring waters flow into Bali’s river and fields supporting both life and nature.  Every Balinese Hindu will bathe at least once a year in these holy waters for purification.

Meet with the descendants of Mr Ida Bagus Grebuak, whose paintings have been exhibited in the Netherlands. These artistic skills have been passed down through the three surviving generations. Chat with the family as they teach painting to the local children.

In a simple workshop in a remote village near Kintamani, exquisite gold and silver designs are being created. The young artist is Mr Komang Arya. As well as jewellery, he also creates pieces for Balinese priests along with larger and more intricate artworks of dragons.

At the end of the tour walk through ricefields to a beautiful garden for lunch.