Harmony Trail in the City of Salt
Harmony Trail in the City of Salt


Harmony Trail in the City of Salt

The Harmony Trail is the ideal walking tour for spiritual experiences in Jordan – giving a feel of the interreligious harmony and coherence within the neighbourhoods of As-Salt. 

As-Salt is known for its sense of unity and community, which is reflected in the long-standing mosques and churches that peacefully stand side by side. While on the trail, keep an eye out for Islamic and Christian symbols and inscriptions that are infused within the architecture of old homes and houses of worship.


  • Welcoming guests with Khabisa (local dried fruit desert) at the information centre
  • Short introduction of the project and the role it plays for the community of Salt
  • Visit the historical Museum (Abu Jaber House)
  • Visit Ain Plaza
  • Visit the big mosque 
  • Visit the English Hospital 
  • Walk up the Skafia stairs – Qaqish House stairs
  • Visit Qaqish House
  • Khader Street 
  • Pass the Music house
  • Visit Khader Church
  • Home visit and lunch with a Jordanian family from Salt with opportunity to try on traditional dress 
  • Walk down a part of Khader Street 
  • Walk down the Pomegranates stairs to a small mosque 
  • Walk up Hammam Street 
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