Hong Kong food tour
Hong Kong food tour


Hidden Tastes


Get a taste of Hong Kong (literally) on our foodie tour ‘The Hidden Food Menu of Hong Kong’ that takes us off the usual tourist track.

The tour begins with some local tea time snacks. Enjoy the famous egg tarts along with a cup of unique Hong Kong style milk tea, while our guide tells you all about the day’s itinerary.

Backstreets of Kowloon City

Walk along the backstreets of Kowloon City to discover different kinds of grocery stores including Thai and traditional Chinese. Look out for the dried seafood – a common ingredient in Chinese cooking and traditional tonics. We’ll hear about the wisdom behind the drying and preserving of precious seafood such as abalone and fish maw.  We’ll visit a store that dates back to the 1950s that specialises in liquorice fruits and exotic sauces. Challenge your taste buds with the colourful selection of sweet, salty, bitter and spicy liquorice fruit candies.

Lok Fu Market Treasure Hunt

At Lok Fu Market, we’ll join the local house-wives and witness how the experts choose only the best produce for the stomachs of their families. Through a fun ‘treasure hunt’ we’ll search for special ingredients for the evening’s dinner and try to identify unusual ingredients such as a bitter melon and salted duck eggs. 

Hong Kong food tour
Hong Kong food tour
Chinese Tea Ceremony

Before heading to dinner, we’ll experience a Chinese tea ceremony to get to know more about Chinese food culture. We can find out about the different kinds of tea leaves and purchase some tea at reasonable prices.

Dai Pai Dong

We’ll drive to a very local area, Sham Shui Po, to find a hidden gem – Dai Pai Dong. This is one of the traditional open-air food stalls serving great quality food at cheap prices. This well preserved diner is now air conditioned and has high levels of cleanliness.  We can witness how the fresh ingredients are thrown into the giant woks and transformed into delicious dishes by the master chefs – that we get to enjoy!

Hong Kong Food tour
Hong Kong Food tour
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