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Hong Kong - Easy Entry


Easy Entry


While the whole world is talking about China, we would also like to mention the updated entry requirements for Hong Kong. As of 14th December 2022, Hong Kong has no mandatory quarantine or restrictions on travel for international arrivals anymore. Entry requirements are now as follows:

Pre-departure testing: All passengers are required to perform and obtain a negative rapid antigen test result within 24 hours of departure of their flight to Hong Kong. Passengers must keep the test or have photographic proof of the test as health officials will conduct random checks on arrival.

Alternatively, passengers may choose to undergo a PCR test conducted within 48 hours of departure.

Pre-departure vaccine requirement: All non-Hong Kong residents aged 12 and above are required to be fully vaccinated before travelling from overseas to Hong Kong.

On-arrival COVID-19 testing: There is no longer any COVID-19 testing after arriving in Hong Kong.

Health Declaration: There is no additional health related documentation required to enter Hong Kong.

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