Hong Kong street food
Hong Kong Street food


The Iconic Street Food


Hong Kong is famous for its street food – a unique experience not to be missed. Here are our three favourite snacks:


Fishballs are probably the most iconic street food snack in Hong Kong. Yellow in colour, these ping pong-sized fish balls are usually sold on a bamboo skewer. Typically, the fish balls are made with fish paste and boiled in a brothy soup or a spicy curry-satay sauce.

Three Fried Stuffed Treasures

The ‘three fried stuffed treasures’ is an all-time favorite street snack among locals.  These fish paste stuffed vegetable treats have evolved over the years to become a popular and long standing street side snack, usually skewered to allow you to eat them there in the street.  The minced mud carp fish is usually stuffed with eggplants, tofu or green pepper. Within one bite you have the combined taste and texture of the fresh vegetables and the tender fish.

Hong Kong Egg Waffles

Similar to the western-style variation, egg waffles are cooked between two hot plates. The difference between the two comes from the fact that Hong Kong-style egg waffles use an eggy leavened batter, and the two plates have semi-spherical cells instead of rectangular cells. The result? A slightly sweet snack that is perfect for any occasion.

Hong Kong Street food snacks
Hong Kong Street food snacks

All images: Getty Images (from tripsavvy.com)

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