India - Scenic Waterways & Mystical Rivers<br />
India - Scenic Waterways & Mystical Rivers


Ancient Waterways

Uncover the treasures of India through its intricate network of waterways. Embark on a journey that unveils the country’s diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures and hidden gems as you navigate its rivers, lakes and canals. Embark on a captivating journey along the mystical River Ganges and the majestic River Brahmaputra. Discover ancient cultures and scenic wonders while you experience India’s soul in a new light, with every waterway offering a unique perspective on this captivating land.

  • Assam Bengal Navigation 

(ABN Rajmahal, Charaidew I/II, Sukpha)

  • Exotic Heritage Group 

(Antara’s Ganges Voyager, Ganges Voyager II, Ganga Vilas, Nauka Vilas)

  • Adventure Resorts & Cruises 

(MV Mahabaahu, MV Vaikundam)

  • Kerala Backwaters

(Houseboats operating between Alleppey – Kochi with a duration of 6-7 hours; 2-4 days; 5-10 days from big luxury operators like Oberoi Vrinda to many local operators)

Foreign tour operators, such as Avalon Waterways, use motor vessels (MV) run by local companies, while others like UK’s Pandaw have their own ships. River cruises operate mostly between October and April. There are smaller cruises like those covering the Konkan coast in Maharashtra and Goa and at Chilika Lake in Odissa. Others include Sundarban Cruise in Kolkata, Mandovi River Cruises in Goa and Cordelia Cruises in the Arabian Sea from Mumbai-Goa / Kochi / Lakshadweep, etc.

The duration of those cruises vary from 3 to 12 days on board, depending on the actual cruise. Schedules are fixed and we recommend checking availability first before offering a cruise. Approximately 20-25% deposit is required to book space and confirm on long duration cruises. And the final deposit is due as per cutoff date given at the time of booking at least 6 weeks before departure.


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