India - ECO Adventures in Sikkim<br />
India - ECO Adventures in Sikkim<br />


ECO Adventures in Sikkim


Experience the enchantment of Sikkim in northeast India, a hidden gem nestled in the Himalayas. Immerse yourself in its breathtaking landscapes, from snow-capped peaks to lush valleys and meandering rivers. Discover vibrant Buddhist monasteries, picturesque tea estates and charming villages. Trek through pristine forests, witness cascading waterfalls and spot exotic wildlife. Indulge in the warm hospitality of the local communities, savor delicious cuisine and awaken your spirit in this land of tranquility. Sikkim beckons you with its natural wonders and cultural treasures, offering a truly unforgettable journey.

Where to stay? 

The Temi Bungalow – History, Tradition and Exclusivity

The Plantation retreat comprises the main heritage Bada Bungalow, eight individual Cottages, an indoor dining space and a lovely outdoor deck with views of the mountain ranges. The Bada Bungalow with five rooms is a restored heritage colonial structure; built not just to provide luxurious comfort, warmth and shelter, but to do so in a way that celebrates the surroundings. A large veranda wraps around the Bungalow providing uninterrupted views of the snowclad Kanchenjunga Range in the distance and also the verdant green hills that lead up to it.

Experience a glimpse of the lifestyle on the tea estates, a completely different world, unblemished by the chaos of urban life. Connect to the earth, surrounded by the rich bounty of Himalayan birds, butterflies and gorgeous floral blooms of the upper Himalayas, as you sip on a perfect cup of tea and unwind with your loved ones, the colours of Temi seize your attention.

Travel Pointers:

  • Cherry blossom season in November
  • Tea Picking season in March & April
  • April & May offer the clearest skies with the best views & temperature to experience the Temi Tea Gardens
  • February is the best time to see the hillsides in full bloom.
  • October is when the annual cultural, tourism and local food festivals are held.

Connecting itineraries:

  • Bagdogra – Gangtok – Peling – Temi – Bagdogra
  • Bagdogra – Darjeeling – Temi – Bagdogra
  •  Kolkata – Bagdogra – Temi- Bagdogra -Delhi/Mumbai
India - ECO Adventures in Sikkim<br />
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