MharoKhet India
MharoKhet India


MharoKhetFarm to Table

MharoKhet is an experiential farm in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, spread over 40 acres and growing more than 100 varieties of crops – indigenous, native and exotic.

Crops include brussel sprouts, moringa, strawberries, chamomile, oyster mushrooms, figs and many more. The farm is a female-dominated community and has been around for over three decades.

From immersive walking tours in the farm to pre-plated, multi-course, plant-forward culinary dining, the team of MharoKhet has tirelessly curated its experiences. 

Experiences at MharoKhet

Farm Tour: Farm tours are entertaining and educational. Visitors will learn about the importance of sustainable farming and traditional knowledge of pest control and fertigation; the benefits and challenges of doing chemical-less agriculture; and best practices used in growing the native, exotic and indigenous crops. There is the opportunity to harvest some fruits and vegetables during the tour. 

Culinary Trail: The culinary trail is a dining experience that consists of a 7-course, pre-plated, plant-forward meal – which is an amalgam of art, freshness and flavour. The farm takes the hyperlocal, seasonal approach to the next level: more than 90% of the products used are harvested fresh from the farm itself, having only seen soil and sun and never a refrigerated truck!

Flagship Experience: The most popular experience is a combination of the other experiences, comprising of a tour of the farm followed by a multi-course culinary experience. It also allows time to wallow in the nature and beauty of the 40-acre farm. Those choosing to spend more time post the experience are free to relax under the straw canopies on charpoys observing cloud formations, flying kites, playing marbles…

Cooking Class: As an optional add-on, you can take part in a cooking class with the chef. In this fun cooking session, guests will cook 2 courses (of the 7). The courses are carefully chosen so that guests can find similar ingredients in their city of residence and replicate the recipes.  

Private Dining Experiences: Private dining experiences are for one group only (2 to 8 people) and are located far away from the usual dining setup (in a guava orchard). Those looking to celebrate a special occasion or wanting a completely intimate experience, could opt for this. The location varies on the season and include the chamomile fields, amongst the sunflowers or under the rohida tree.

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MharoKhet India
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