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Sanganer India
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Hand-built with care and precision and an eagle eye on sustainability and safety, Antara’s ships are all-suite havens of floating luxury. The fleet of beautiful, large and small vessels has pioneered cruise ship design suited to the size and volume of Indian rivers and is piloted by experienced crews. 


Pioneers on the river, these sibling ships were the first of the fleet of Antara River Cruises. Ganges Voyager I and II carry just 56 guests in 28 suites. The past feels alive here, with ornamental William Morris-style Arts and Craft décor in Antara Ganges Voyager I and white Georgian décor in Antara Ganges Voyager II. Iconic cane and wood furniture, Persian rugs and wide Burmese teak decks offer stylish comfort. French balconies with floor-to-ceiling glass doors present expansive views of the river. Rich tapestries and hand-stenciled murals embellish the large and luxurious suites. Cosy sitting areas, a gym and spa, breezy, sun-kissed common spaces and excellent service make these ships serene sanctuaries for travellers in India.

Ganges Voyager I and II are designed to travel upstream from the colonial city of Kolkata to the late Mughal princely capital of Murshidabad; and downstream to the Indian Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world.


The newest member of the fleet of Antara River Cruises is an 18-suite ship that sets sail on the longest, most picturesque river cruise in the world. Over 51 days across 2 countries, 5 states and 27 river systems, Antara’s Ganga Vilas sails from Varanasi to Dibrugarh via Dhaka. Ganga Vilas is a celebration of post-independence Indian design innovation. It features elegant mid-century furniture, enhanced by Varanasi Gyasar textiles and contemporary meditative art. 

Antara’s curated journeys offer culture, leisure, nature – and perspectives of life on the river to intrigue and rejuvenate you. 

–      Artisans of Bengal – Ganges Voyager 

–      Princely Murshidabad – Ganges Voyager

–      Kolkata to Patna (Upper Ganges) – Ganga Vilas

–      Kolkata to Dhaka – Ganga Vilas

Within each featured itinerary, guests can customize their experience by duration, theme or interest. Book now to craft your special or intimate experience on Antara River Cruises.

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