India - New Palatial Rajasthani Hotel
India - New Palatial Rajasthani Hotel
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New Palatial Rajasthani Hotel


Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, the city of Jaisalmer enchants with its golden-hued architecture and historic forts. Wander through narrow alleys, marvel at intricate havelis and witness the magic of sunset at the iconic Sam Sand Dunes for an unforgettable desert experience.

A luxury hotel, Gorbandh Palace, Jaisalmer – IHCL SeleQtions is spread across lush gardens and is an exquisite melange of modern comfort that merges seamlessly with old-world Rajasthani heritage. Named after the traditional ornamental camel necklace symbolic of Rajasthani tribes, the property echoes the gleaming desert hues. With ornate ’Jharokhas’ - stone windows that project from the wall of a building – the striking facade seamlessly blends into the surroundings. Another important aspect of Rajasthani architecture is the uniquely stylish and decorative ‘Chhatris’, an elevated, dome-shaped pavilion embellishing the property’s design.

The elegant interiors reflect a palatial rendition of intricate Rajasthani stonework, opulent frescoes, rich furnishing and elaborate paintings. The lobby pays homage to Jaisalmer’s history with patterned sandstone arches, painted murals and delicate chandeliers. Elaborate wooden motifs on the ceilings reflect Jaisalmer’s legacy as a prosperous outpost on the famed Silk Route. Beyond the lobby, is the gorgeous Central Avenue – the nerve centre of the hotel – with a well-stocked bar and restaurants on either side leading to the inviting pool and restaurant.

For tours to Jaisalmer or other parts of Rajasthan, feel free to contact our team in India.

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