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India, Rajasthan - Hot Air Balloons


Rising over Rajasthan

A Skywaltz Balloon Safari is the best way to experience India from a very exclusive perspective as you drift over traditional Rajasthani villages, spectacular forts, breathtaking landscapes and hidden palaces. And the chance to interact with the friendly, vibrant local communities that make India such an energetic and vibrant country.

The team of Skywaltz Balloon Safari consists of highly experienced commercial pilots and professionally trained operational staff. The equipment is sourced from the UK and Europe. Globally recognised standards of safety and international operating procedures have been implemented from the outset. SkyWaltz Balloon Safari was the first Hot Air Ballooning company in India to have been authorised by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) to do hot air ballooning on a commercial basis.

Experience Jaipur from on high as you drift over traditional local villages and spectacular forts. The company has two different flying areas in Jaipur. The first is just to the north of Jaipur in the area surrounding the Amber Fort and village. The second is in the untouched and spectacular area surrounding Samode Palace and village.

Fly above Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort and Samode Palace to get a 360 degree view of the Pink City, or stare out at the far-reaching sand dunes dotted with camels and tents in Pushkar during its 10-day eponymous festival. From above, the golden sands shine with splendour and appear majestic. Feel like a mediaeval monarch while discovering the historical and breathtaking monuments of the Aravalli Range. The colours, vibrance and culture all make balloon adventures in Jaipur a highly memorable experience. 

Please Note: Direction of the flight is determined by the wind and weather conditions. Flying season September to April.

India, Rajasthan - Hot Air Balloons
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