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La Dolce Vita


La dolce vista – a sweet life that is full of pleasure and luxury.

If there’s something Italians treat as important as breathing, it’s the art of doing nothing. Simple ways to make time for yourself. It’s especially important not only as a topic for regenerative travel but also as a way to protect our health from the stress of busy, daily routines. This is the concept of a new kind of experience for those in search of a different kind of travel.

Organic Food Seminar

Florence: A private seminar for those searching not only for the best Italian cuisine, but also for whatever is absolutely organic, green and obviously healthy. Experience the historical flavours from centuries ago that make the best of the Italian cuisine today.

Slow Food Experience

Veneto: You will journey from the ancient villas of Veneto, which inspired poets such as Goethe, to the beautiful palaces, gardens and vineyards of the lakes district, enjoying the slow-motion of living, while tasting some of the best-renowned dishes of the Italian cuisine.

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