Sicily Italy
Sicily Italy


Pure Sicilian Love


“Visiting Italy without going to Sicily leaves no image in the spirit.  It is Sicily that is the key to everything! –

Goethe, German poet

Italy Charme, our agent in Italy, has created a new culinary and art programme: 14 days Pure Sicilian Love. Sicily is an extraordinary, complex and magical mix of different communities including Arab, Roman and Turkish. It is a unique destination with diverse culture and cuisine that has been influenced by these various communities.

The tour visits local ‘slow food’ farmers; explores the challenging life of Sicilian fishermen; and gives a taste into the history of pistacchio and chocolate. Other highlights include a pecorino cheese workshop; a train ride with an expert guide to visit a vineyard and see views of Mount Etna; and a wander through the lively, boisterous and colourful Catania fish market.

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Sicily Italy

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