Japan glamping
Japan glamping


Camping with Glamour


If you’re looking to experience Japan in a way that most tourists haven’t – camping is the way to go! Becoming one with nature in a country far more famous for its cities will give you an insight into another side of the destination. And in Japan – “camping” doesn’t mean going without all your creature comforts.

If you tend to avoid camping and can’t imagine it as an activity of choice during a vacation, you’re not the only one. But what if we tell you that sleeping in damp draughty tents and eating burnt burgers over a campfire, while the bugs are feasting on you, isn’t the only way to go?

Luckily for us, Japanese people have embraced glamping in recent years. Merging camping with glamour, this gives you a luxurious experience under the stars, that might even rival a stay in a 5-star hotel. Be it on a beach, in a lush forest or high in the hills, wake up in nature in a comfortable king-sized bed complete with gourmet meals.

Excited to try it out? Here are our top three glampsites in Japan:

glamping PICA Fujiyama

PICA Fujiyama – Yamanashi Prefecture

Take a trip southwest of Tokyo to Yamanashi Prefecture which encompasses the northern part of Mount Fuji and enjoy the scenery surrounding Japan’s favourite volcano. PICA Fujiyama guarantees a glamping experience with a view. Just a 30-minute ride away from the volcano’s highest starting point, it’s an ideal spot for ambitious climbers. It also offers stunning views of Lake Kawaguchiko, making it a worthwhile destination even outside the climbing season.

glamping Hoshinoya Fuji

Hoshinoya Fuji – Yamanashi Prefecture

Another gem of Yamanashi is the camping site turned architecture masterpiece – Hoshinoya Fuji. Recognised as one of Japan’s most grandiose glamping spots, it offers minimalist capsules instead of tents, giving you the impression of camping in outer space. Each cabin opens up to a window with a view of Mount Fuji, stealing your breath away every morning as you wake up. The glampsite has an impressive activity choice, including wood chopping, horse-riding, canoeing,  and barista classes.

glamping ISE SHIMA

Ise-Shima Everglades – Mie Prefecture

A serene private log cabin experience in the Ise-Shima Everglades is just what you need to destress and recompose with your family. Sat on the lake with private canoes for each cabin, the gigantic pet-friendly campsite features a multitude of playgrounds for kids as well as seasonal kids’ craft workshops. 

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