Japan - Visa-free entry
Japan - Visa-free entry


Visa-free Entry


I Japan has finally reopened its borders to independent foreign travellers and reintroduced visa-free entry from October 11, 2022. Travellers are now able to enter Japan almost like before the pandemic again, especially triple-vaccinated travelers.

The only requirement remaining is a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to departure. This is not required for those who can certify that they have been vaccinated with WHO-approved vaccines at least three times. Children below the age of 18 who travel together with triple-vaccinated parents/guardians are also exempt from the test. Note that Japan recognises only certain testing and sample collection methods and that there are certain requirements regarding the vaccination certificate.

Quarantine, on-arrival testing and ERFS certificate requirements were abolished on October 11 alongside the system of grouping countries into blue, yellow and red groups.

When entering Japan before November 14, it is highly recommended to use the MySOS app for uploading all required documents (passport, and COVID-19 test result or vaccination certificate) before your journey to allow for a fast-track entry into the country. From November 14, the MySOS app will be replaced by “Visit Japan Web”, another fast-track tool that currently already exists but does not handle COVID-19 related documents yet. The improved “Visit Japan Web” service is scheduled to go online on November 1 and will allow travellers to enter not only COVID-19 related documents, but also immigration and customs related data.

There are no restrictions on the activities of businesses and individuals, but the public is asked to take the usual precautions against the virus. The wearing of masks, in particular, remains very common. Approximately 80% of Japan’s total population are vaccinated at least twice; however, vaccination certificates have never been used widely.


Source: japan-guide.com

Japan - Visa-free entry
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