Jordan Wadi Rum Balloon Flight
Jordan Wadi Rum Balloon Flight


Arabian Flights

Wadi Rum, a vast desert landscape in southern Jordan, captivates with its stunning red sands and towering rock formations. Known as the “Valley of the Moon,” it offers breathtaking sunsets, starry skies and adventurous activities, making it a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers.

Upon arriving at the day’s launch site, you will be greeted with a hot beverage and biscuits as the team assembles the balloon. The pilot will then provide an important safety briefing, usually in English, but translation cards are available in various languages. You can observe the balloon inflation and capture memorable pictures before boarding the basket. Once everyone is ready, the pilot will launch the balloon.

During the flight, you’ll experience a unique sensation as the ground seems to fall away, offering a magical perspective akin to flying on a magic carpet. Unlike enclosed airliners or noisy helicopters, a balloon flight evokes the imagination of a child’s fantasy of flight. In Wadi Rum, the adventure takes on a romantic quality reminiscent of tales from “One Thousand and One Nights.”

Your pilot will serve as your guide, pointing out landmarks and sharing insights about the terrain. Utilizing different wind speeds and directional flows, they will navigate the balloon towards a designated landing spot, where the skilled ground crew awaits. After landing, the balloon will be deflated and packed away, while you enjoy a light snack and beverages. It’s an opportune time to mingle with fellow passengers and the pilot, who will present you with a commemorative certificate to mark the memorable experience.

Jordan Wadi Rum Balloon Flight
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