Jordan Petra
Jordan Petra


Kingdom of Time

The Kingdom of Jordan is set to regain its spectacular pre-pandemic tourism momentum with the launch of a multifaceted new tourism brand. 

With its bold ‘Kingdom of Time’ brand platform, Jordan is reintroducing itself as an accessible, intriguing and multifaceted destination that appeals to the rising global tribe of intrepid travellers; independent, active, digital-empowered explorers and travellers seeking meaningful experiences and human connection.

In early 2020, the COVID pandemic brought to an abrupt halt what was already a remarkable multi-year acceleration and diversification of the Jordan tourism offering. With the Kingdom becoming easily accessible through low cost airlines, Jordan was shaking off its traditional “history lesson” positioning, and a new generation of Jordanian tourism innovators was adding exciting new layers of experiences to Jordan’s majestic ancient landscapes.  

Beyond the world wonder of Petra, the Jordan experience was getting global attention for award-winning nature and adventures like the Jordan Trail that traverses the Kingdom from north to south offering views of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea at the planet’s lowest point; for its urban and town tourism, with British super-band Coldplay remarkably choosing the ancient Roman and Islamic ruins in the heart of the contemporary capital Amman as a stage to launch their album “Everyday Life”;  and for attracting seekers of authentic flavours to enjoy the mosaic of Arabic culinary delights of the Jordanian kitchen.

If humanity has learned anything from the pandemic, it is a redefined sense of time, making Jordan’s core brand promise as ‘The Kingdom of Time’ even more relevant today: a place where one can literally touch all of geological time and human history, where time can accelerate in a bustling city centre, or go to slow-motion during a dive of Aqaba’s Red Sea underwater coral forests, or even come to a total standstill in the desert of Wadi Rum, under a clear starry sky that unveils the Milky Way.

(Source: Jordan Tourism Board)

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