Kazakhstan - Nature & Nomads
Kazakhstan - Nature & Nomads


 Nature & Nomads


Where to go in Kazakhstan? What to visit? Kazakhstan is about the culture of nomads and the splendor of nature.

Charyn Canyon

Is it worth it? For 12 million years, wind and water persistently processed the rocks to create an amazingly beautiful landscape. So it’s worth driving 300 km from Almaty for the pleasure of seeing the unearthly beauty of the brick-red rocks of Charyn, its Valley of Castles and the ancient ash grove.

Kolsai Lakes

They are also called the blue necklace of the northern Tien Shan, due the turquoise blue of the icy water of three mountain lakes. Trekking in this area is of the easy level and does not require special preparation. The pine smell of coniferous forests is beneficial for the lungs.

Lake Kaindy is famous for its underwater landscape. Have you ever seen a flooded birch forest that did not die, but survived under water? It takes your breath away when you think about the incredible beauty under the thickness of the clearest icy water.

The Altyn Emel National Park is a place where, in contrast to the coniferous forests and ash groves of other mountainous places, you can see a sandy desert and gravel and clay landscapes. This is a place where you can touch a seven-hundred-year-old willow tree. And then listen to the sounds that the Singing Dunes make. 

It’s great to combine a trip to two such different worlds, such as Uzbekistan cities’ beauty and the beauty of Kazakhstan’s nature. 

Kazakhstan - Nature & Nomads