Laos - Bee larvae
Laos - Bee larvae


Bee Larvae


As you explore Laos, keep your eyes open when walking in the small alleys of local markets and give a try to ‘hang peung’. 

This popular delicacy consists of honeycomb wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled on the BBQ. But be warned, the bee larvae are still in there! Mostly found during the dry season, running from October to June, thIs treat can be eaten as a snack, but it is also commonly shared during a meal. 

Surprisingly, its unique flavor is not as sweet as we would imagine and stands more on the savoury side with a perfect dash of sweetness. The texture also surprises many when taking their first bite. Although it is grilled over burning charcoals, hang peung are very juicy and slightly milky in texture. 

 Will you dare to try?

luang prabang