Laos woman
Laos - Local woman, Credit to Ch. Nilsson


Exceptional Ethnicities

of Northern Laos


Laos is one of the most captivating and peaceful destinations in Southeast Asia. It is renowned for mountainous terrain featuring wild waterfalls, French colonial architecture and colourful hill tribes.

Combine your future trip to Southeast Asia with an 8-day trip to the quiet north of Laos. Guided by local experts, you will first venture into the ancient Laotian capital, then explore the famous Pak Ou caves housing thousands of Buddha statues and learn about the conservation work being done to protect the bear population at the beautiful Kuang Si Falls. 

You will discover Nong Khiaw, a small idyllic village bordered by some of the most spectacular scenery in Southeast Asia with its high limestone cliffs and winding river. Spend time among various ethnic minorities of Northern Laos, including Khamu and Hamong tribes. Trekking, cycling and kayaking are just a few of the activities that are available in the area.