Nong Khiaw Laos
Nong Khiaw - Landscape


Green discovery


From the north to the deep south, all aspects of what has turned the ‘Land of the Million Elephants’ into a rare gem of a destination is encompassed in this fascinating cross-country journey.


Themed around lush jungle landscapes, babbling brooks and swirling waters, lofty heights and deep valleys, this 18-day itinerary swirls smoothly through ethnic minorities and ecological projects. No day is the same – from arriving in Luang Prabang to  ending in the provincial capital of Pakse.

The tour includes:

  • Meet the educational team at the Kuang Si bear rescue centre and learn about the history and the threats to these beautiful animals. Help the Free-the-Bears-team to hide food in the bears’ enclosure.
  • Nam Khan eco lodge and farm project.
  • Ban Lue handicraft and homestay: weaving workshop in the heart of a Tai Lu village.
  • Trek in protected areas with towering waterfalls to discover the flora and fauna of Laos.
  • Farmer hat workshop or cooking class with the islanders in the 4000 Islands.


Eat locally –   At least one meal per day included in the itinerary is considered as a home-made local meal prepared with local ingredients – a significant number of responsible restaurants are included in the itinerary such as Carpe Diem, Kamu Lodge, Ban Lue, Sticky Rice and more.


Stay eco-friendly – This itinerary includes overnights in homestays, eco-lodges and tented camps as well as hotels that are involved in community  and sustainability such as Nam Kat Yorla Pa, Kamu Lodge and La Folie Lodge.


Experience meaningfully – Discover Laos through its traditions by participating in several hands-on activities and observing local workers.


Make a difference – With this itinerary you will take part in activities where local people will improve their lives thanks to responsible projects including: Free the Bears, La Folie Lodge, Lao Buffalo Dairy Farm, Nam Kat Yorla Pa.

Savannakhet - local rice farmer