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Local Tastes & Traditions


Take part in a spiritual Baci ceremony in a local house and join the locals in their favourite game on our full day ‘Local Tastes & Traditions’ tour.

In a local house, participate in a traditional Baci Ceremony to call escaped spirits back to the body. The ceremony of Baci can be held on any day throughout the year and is meant to commemorate specific events in an individual’s life such as a marriage, birth, festival, or even to honour visitors and guests of importance.

After the Baci experience, head to an area in the city centre where locals gather in the evenings to play their favourite game, Petanque. This game originated in the South of France in the early 1900s and is played widely across the country. Join in a game with a local group. As a way of saying “thanks”, surprise them with some snacks and “Beerlao” that we’ve brought with us.

Afterwards, head back into town to enjoy a typical Laotian dinner at a local restaurant.

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