Singapore - A Snapshot of History<br />
Singapore - A Snapshot of History<br />


A Snapshot of History


This museum is perfect for photography enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the rich history of photography.

The Vintage Camera Museum is the first gallery in Singapore that is dedicated to a collection of the analog instrument founded by businessman Solaiyappan Ramanathan and his artist cousin AP Shreethar. The museum itself is set in the form of a Rollei Camera which is very instagrammable and the entrance to the museum entrance is via a giant lens!

From the smallest to the largest cameras that ever existed in the world, the Vintage Camera Museum features over 1.000 cameras on display. There are replicas of the world’s biggest camera, the mammoth camera, till the latest technological gadgets.

Some of the other unique cameras which can be viewed in the museum are a walking stick camera, spy cameras, pigeon cameras, 3D cameras and pistol cameras. Besides equipment, the museum also showcases retro photographs, interesting nuggets on photography and an authentic replica of the first ever picture taken on a camera.

Operating daily from: 10.30am to 7.30pm 

(All images: Vintage Camera Museum)  

Singapore - A Snapshot of History<br />
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