Timah Tasoh Lake, Perlis, Malaysia
Timah Tasoh Lake, Perlis, Malaysia

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Timah Tasoh Lake


With its mountainous backdrop and vast lake landscape,Timah Tasoh Lake in Perlis is known as Malaysia’s Guilin.

Situated in the northernmost state of Perlis, Lake Timah Tasoh is a man-made reservoir. It gets its name from the two rivers of Sungai Timah and Sungai Tasoh (Sungai means river) which flow into the lake.

Calm and serene, the lake is a popular spot among locals and tourists. Many flock here in the early morning and late evenings to enjoy the picturesque views of the waters. With views of undulating hills in the distant horizon, is a perfect place to catch some peace and quiet.

Perlis is the northernmost state of Peninsular Malaysia and is home to several forest reserves located on the Nakawan Range – the oldest continuous limestone range in Peninsular Malaysia which dates back more than 250 million years.

The lake area is a haven for hundreds of migratory birds that flock here during the winter season. This freshwater lake has recorded about 135 to 145 species of birds. The best time to spot the migratory birds would be from the months of October to March.

Timah Tasoh Lake, Perlis, Malaysia