Malaysia - Wild West Sibu Unveiled
Malaysia - Wild West Sibu Unveiled


Wild West Sibu Unveiled

Sibu is a quiet town in Sarawak, East Malaysia located along the Rejang River. Sibu has been called the ‘Wild West’ of Malaysia because of its ‘lawlessness’ and the frequent triad activities in Sibu. The city served as a common transfer point for boats up the Rejang River to the small towns of Borneo’s interior.

The charming city offers a vibrant historical and cultural heritage as well as a diverse food scene. 

The Central Market is the biggest market in Sarawak and the largest indoor market in Malaysia. It is the ultimate spot for locals and tourists alike in sourcing fresh cooking ingredients. The merchants here sell a wide range of products from jungle produce, exotic fruits and even live chickens and ducks wrapped neatly in newspaper. 

Tua Pek Kong Temple & Goddess of Mercy Pagoda, a Chinese temple alongside a 7-storey high pagoda that dates all the way back to the 1850s. It is believed that this temple has one of the most perfectly proportioned pagodas outside of mainland China. 

Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of Iban culture with a visit to an authentic Iban Longhouse. Witness daily rituals like paddy planting and fishing, and partake in the vibrant traditions, including learning the age-old Iban warrior dance directly from the tribes themselves.

For history enthusiasts, the Sibu Heritage Centre is a treasure trove showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of the Central Region’s ethnic groups. Explore the roots of Sibu, the arrival of early Chinese migrants representing various dialect groups, and the fascinating history of the region’s earliest ethnic tribes.

Photo source: Borneo Talk & Sarawak Tourism 

Malaysia - Wild West Sibu Unveiled