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The Maldives has recorded more than 27,000 tourists in 3 months…

Tropical islands with soft sand beaches fringed with lofty coconut palms leading into turquoise lagoons where house reefs teem with marine life – is it any wonder the Maldives is proving popular for post-lockdown travel?

In the three months since the borders of the Maldives reopened, the country has so far received a total of 27,217 tourists. Statistics published by Maldives Immigration so far showed that the number of arrivals in the third month since the reopening of borders had increased by 56 percent.

Maldives closed down its borders on March 27 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and reopened on July 15.

So far in October, a total of 8,350 tourists had arrived to the Maldives. The highest percentage was from Russia with a total of 2,308. 656 tourists from the USA as well as 444 tourists from the UAE were recorded during this time. The highest number of tourists to the Maldives within the last 15 days was recorded on October 11, with a total of 1,025 tourists.

The number of airlines operating to the Maldives has also been slowly increasing.


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