Myanmar coup
Myanmar coup


Coping with the Crisis


The Burmese people are going through a difficult time. One would think that a year of the pandemic was bad enough, but since February 1st, people have been grappling with the effects of the coup.

Considering that the economy has almost come to a complete standstill and that there is little chance of the situation improving, the dedication and passion with which the people of Myanmar are supporting each other is even more impressive.

For instance, some people are unable to visit the local market in order to purchase food; be it for worries of not being able to maintain social distancing, or for fear of a possible encounter with the military. As a result, more and more mobile mini markets deliver to the streets of Yangon, like the one we can see in the above photo. This is a vegetable section of a market on wheels, specialising in the distribution of corn, tomatoes, cabbage, bell pepper and carrots.

As well as business ideas that arose out of necessity, more and more stands are popping up all around Myanmar with signs saying “If you need it, please take it. If you have extra, please donate it”. People who are still earning money are supporting other workers who joined the Civil Disobedience Movement with donations for their daily living. This kind of support is essential to allow the Civil Disobedience Movement to continue.

Furthermore, not everyone can cope with the pressure and uncertainty of the current situation easily. Free sessions for mental help are available.

Apart from the above initiatives, it is noteworthy to mention that Myanmar would actually be celebrating its Water Festival this month, however, more and more people are calling on their fellow citizens not to celebrate the country’s major traditional New Year festival. The boycott is not only seen as an act of defiance, but also as a way of honouring those victims who have been killed during the conflict since 1st February.


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    Myanmar coup
    Myanmar coup