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Dreary Yangon Days


Since Myanmar has almost completely disappeared from the western media, it has been difficult to get information about the situation in the country. We regularly receive inquiries from guests and business partners who are worried about the well-being of our local colleagues and guides.

Not much has changed since the last few updates and the country is still in the challenging situation of not only having to fight an out-of-control spread of the virus and its disastrous health care implications, but also struggling with political disputes and the resulting uncertainties about the future of this beautiful country.

To give you a little insight into everyday life, we went on a short walking tour on the morning of August 7th 2021. 

From Sanchaung Township we first walked to the Bahan Market and then further on, past the east entrance of the Shwedagon Pagoda, to the Kandawgyi Lake. As you can see in the pictures, the markets are still quite busy and a large part of the sellers and visitors adhere to the hygienic measures. But otherwise it is very quiet on the streets and no comparison to the hectic rush of days gone by. The heavy monsoon clouds that have been blocking all sunshine for weeks do not help to improve the dreary mood.

Yet, the people of Myanmar are determined to see this through. And so are we. 

Thanks for all the messages of encouragement and support.

Kind Regards,

Carsten Schmidt
Group Director of Operations & Products 
ICS Travel Group