Myanmar employee turns volunteer


ICS Employee turns Volunteer


If you’ve contacted our colleague, Mr Myo Thar Htet, in our Myanmar office lately, you’ve probably received the following reply to your email:

Hi there, this is Myo Thar Htet who is working for the ICS Travel Group as Travel Designer. At this moment I might not be able to reply back to my mails immediately. I have decided to join as a volunteer at the Inya Covid Center in order to help patients who have been tested positive for the Covid-19. My main tasks include catering, cleaning and medical assistance. I started to volunteer on 11th October 2020.

Not long after starting as a volunteer, unfortunately Myo Thar Htet tested positive for Covid-19. He had to “change sides” in the clinic  and became a patient instead of a volunterr. Luckily he only faced minor symptoms, and since then he has fully recovered and is supporting the team again.

We are so proud of Myo and the selfless work that he is doing. The entire ICS Myanmar team is behind him – and are of course, checking his emails so you will get a prompt response!

The 500-bed Inya Lake Covid-19 Treatment Center, along with 16 high dependency units, has been constructed at the Yangon Convention Center. Family rooms have been arranged for families infected with Covid-19 so they can be together; meals and medication are provided to patients free of charge; and around 400 doctors, nurses and volunteers have been assigned to provide treatment.