Myanmar - Unique Experiences & Accommodations
Myanmar - Unique Experiences & Accommodations


Unique Experiences & Accommodations


The monsoon is over and Myanmar is optimistic about the upcoming season. Myanmar, often referred to as Burma, is a land where ancient traditions and magnificent temples and pagodas harmonize with the warm hospitality and friendliness of its people.

The Amata Group is also ready to start the new season with its unique selection of hotels and services, some of which we would like to present here.

Oriental Ballooning

Oriental Ballooning in Bagan offers an enchanting way to experience the ancient temples and stupas: Soar high in a hot air balloon and witness the breathtaking sunrise, casting a golden glow over the mystical landscapes of Bagan. It’s a truly unforgettable adventure in Myanmar.

Amata Cruise

Cruising the Ayeyarwady River with Amata Cruise between Mandalay and Bagan is a journey through Myanmar’s heartland, where timeless landscapes unfold before your eyes. As you drift along the majestic river, you’ll witness the beauty of rural life, ancient temples and charming villages.

Sunset Cruise in Bagan

Seeking picturesque sights, photography opportunities and a serene sunset experience? Join a 2-hour Sunset Cruise departing from the jetty in Bagan with Amata Cruise. To make the most of your time, consider extending your memorable evening by spending the night in one of the luxurious cabins and awakening to the enchanting Ayeyarwady River at sunrise.

My Bagan Residence by Amata

Explore the mesmerizing blend of history and modernity in Bagan with a stay at the charming My Bagan Residence. This chic boutique hotel is conveniently situated near some of Bagan’s most iconic historical sites. The guestrooms are tastefully furnished with a harmonious blend of soft textures and elegant colors, ensuring a luxurious experience. Enjoy picturesque views of the outdoor swimming pool and the lush natural surroundings of the hotel.

Amata Resort & Spa, Ngapali Beach

Experience the essence of barefoot luxury at Ngapali Beach!

Nestled harmoniously within its natural surroundings, Amata’s stunning bungalows combine traditional design elements. For those seeking extra space and privacy, the Grand Cabanas feature private pools. The outdoor pool offers captivating ocean views, while the pristine sandy shores, azure waters and unspoiled landscapes create an unforgettable setting.

Myanmar - Unique Experiences & Accommodations