Myanmar Chin State
Myanmar Chin State


The Tattooed- faced Women of Chin State


Off the beaten track, Chin State in Western Myanmar is a wild and remote yet magical place home to traditional villages and soaring mountains…

Visiting Chin State is a true wilderness experience. No planes fly there directly so it really is off the usual tourist trail. However travelling by road will reward you with views of great mountain peaks and forested hillsides that seem to stretch to eternity.

In Northern Chin State, you’ll discover a beautiful heart shaped lake called ‘Rih’, not far from the Indian border. Southern Chin State is the preferred destination for most travellers. It’s home to Mount Victoria, the highest peak in the Chin State, and rustic villages built on the slopes of the mountains. During winter the mountains are covered in thick fog, transforming the whole town into a small paradise. It’s possible to trek to the top of Mount Victoria. During the ascent keep an eye out for rare birds, orchids and flowers. At the summit you’ll be rewarded with outstanding views of the mountain scenery. 

This area is also home to the Southern Chin tribes of Dai, Da Yindu, Uppu, Mun and Ng’gha – clans known for their tattoo-faced women. Tribes that still live according to age-old traditions.

You can visit Myanmar’s least-developed state on our tour ‘Life Beyond Bagan’.

Highlights of Life Beyond Bagan:

  • Discover authentic villages and remote tribes in the countryside beyond Bagan.
  • Trek to Chin villages to see tattoo-faced women and age-old traditions.
  • Spend a night in a family-run haven and climb Mount Victoria, the highest peak in the Chin State.
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