Nepal: Chitwan’s Jungle Lodge Adventure
Nepal: Chitwan’s Jungle Lodge Adventure


Jungle Lodge Adventure

A night spent in a tower at Chitwan National Park can provide exceptional and exhilarating wildlife encounters. Numerous wildlife resorts and lodges located in and around Chitwan National Park offer overnight stays in towers as a component of their safari packages. The towers in the park are strategically positioned to offer an elevated vantage point, enhancing wildlife observation opportunities.

Here is what you can expect during a night stay in Chitwan Tower:

The main highlight of staying in a tower at night is the chance to observe wildlife from a raised platform. The towers are usually located near watering holes or in areas that are often visited by wildlife. Guests have the opportunity to observe animals such as rhinoceros, deer and various bird species engaging in their natural activities in their habitat.

Chitwan National Park is home to a variety of nocturnal wildlife, with many animals exhibiting increased activity during the night. During a night stay in a tower, one may have the opportunity to spot various creatures such as sloth bears, leopards and even tigers. The presence of a nocturnal atmosphere enhances the wildlife experience, adding an additional layer of excitement. Immerse yourself in the natural sounds of the jungle with animals calling, leaves rustling and chirping insects – creating a symphony to form a truly unique ambiance that is both peaceful and breathtaking.

Stargazing in Chitwan also offers a remarkable experience with its exceptionally clear night sky, free from the interference of city lights. If the weather is favorable, you will have the chance to enjoy some stargazing from the tower, which will add a celestial touch to your night stay.

Comfortable Accommodation: Certain towers are equipped with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Although the facilities may be more basic than those found in traditional lodges, you can still anticipate a distinctive and captivating experience, enveloped by the enchanting sounds of the jungle.

Tower night stays are frequently included in guided safari packages. Experienced guides are available to accompany guests, offering valuable insights into the park’s wildlife, including their behavior patterns and the ongoing conservation efforts. Their expertise enhances the overall experience and ensures safety.

There are great photography opportunities available due to the tower’s elevated position. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the jungle and capture awe-inspiring photographs of wildlife, particularly during the magical golden hours of sunrise and sunset.

Nepal: Chitwan’s Jungle Lodge Adventure
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