Nepal - Introducing Dwarika’s Hotel
Nepal - Introducing Dwarika’s Hotel


Introducing Dwarika’s Hotel


Dive into Nepal’s culture and experience the country’s hospitality while staying at one of the most popular hotels.

Dwarika’s Kathmandu is a well-known place in the city. It is a unique and interesting place to stay, because Dwarika’s is both a museum and a hotel. The use of traditional carved wooden panels and terracotta work from Nepal give the feel of a Newari Palace. In a corner of the main courtyard, there is a workshop where guests can watch the restoration work being done.

The hotel’s founder, Dwarika Das Shrestha, spent the best part of his life building it and has won many conservation awards for his work. The oldest part of the hotel is a wooden doorway from the 1300s that was saved from a monastery that was closing. Dwarika’s has also done a lot to help rebuild and fix up Kathmandu after the terrible earthquake in 2015, and the hotel continues to raise money to help the city.

Nepal - Introducing Dwarika’s Hotel

At the heart of the hotel is a quiet courtyard leading to the 80 large rooms with custom-made furniture. All of the rooms have a selection of dry leaf teas. A cup of Jasmine tea is a great way to start the day (or Nepali if you want to be authentic). All of the rooms have lots of light because they face the courtyard. Even the door handles, which are in the shape of a mudra, and the toiletries in the palatial bathrooms have been carefully thought out. This and the level of service at Dwarika’s make it such a great place to stay.

Delicious food can be found at Krishnarpan, the hotel’s fine-dining restaurant. The food takes diners on a trip through Nepal’s different regions. For example, Mo-Mos which are dumplings from the Himalayas, and Saag Jhaneko, spiced potatoes from the southern Terai. The tasting menu, which has between 6 and 22 courses, is both a tasty dinner and a way to learn about Nepal.

Fusion Bar is a cozy bar right by the pool. It has open fires and Nepali bands that play live music. After a long day of exploring the chaos of Kathmandu, come here for a whisky sour or a cocktail and take it all in.

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