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 Nepal dog festival source Tripoto


Who’s a good boy?


Dog lovers should note 24th October 2022 in their calendars and arrange a trip to Nepal!

Nepal`s annual dog festival, locally known as Kukur Tihar, is a Hindu festival which falls on the second day of the Festival of Tihar. On this day, people worship dogs to please Yamaraj, the God of Death, as they are considered to be his messengers. There are no exceptions and all dogs, whether pets or strays, are offered treats such as cookies, eggs, cheese, meat and various other goodies.

As part of the worship, a paste called talik or tika is painted onto the foreheads of the dogs. This marking symbolises their sacredness. The paste is made from red-coloured powder, rice and yogurt. In addition, garlands of marigolds are put around their necks. Acting disrespectfully towards a dog is considered a sin on this day. The newly elected mayor of Kathmandu is looking forward to welcoming more international travellers for this unique festival.


(Image sources: Tripoto / AustralianDogLover / Niranjan Shrestha AP 02)


Nepal dog festival (source Niranjan Shrestha AP 02
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