Oman - Snorkelling Tour Ad Daymaniyat Islands
Oman - Snorkelling Tour Ad Daymaniyat Islands


Idyllic island snorkelling


While many guests think of deserts and idyllic oases when they think of Oman, the country also offers a vast variety of amazing water activities, such as a snorkelling experience on a glass bottom boat around the Ad Daymaniyat Islands, beautiful islands near Muscat.

Oman has designated the Ad Dimaniyat Islands as a protected area, which is roughly 18 kilometres off Barka’s shore. It is made up of nine islands, covering around 100 hectares in total.

While in Oman, consider a trip to the Ad Daymaniat Islands together with your friends or family. The boat departs from Al Mouj Marina at 8:00am. The unique, high speed hydrofoil glass bottom boat will take you there in only 25-30 minutes. Once you reach the islands, you can enjoy swimming and snorkelling with brightly coloured fish, sea turtles and other fascinating sea creatures in crystal clear, beautiful water or, if you prefer, you can stay on the boat, relax and enjoy looking at it all through the big glass floor.  

Between the months of November and May, we are allowed to walk on the white sandy beaches, eat picnics, sunbathe and enjoy the scenery. The beach is closed for visits from May until October to protect the birds and turtles during their nesting period.

We provide water, soft drinks, light snacks and snorkelling gear on board. There is a tent, a table, a toilet and a light shower available for your comfort.

Do not forget your swimsuit, towels, high factor sun cream, hat, sunglasses and camera to take photos of an experience that will be with you forever!

We return to Al Mouj Marina at around 1:00pm.

Minimum 6 persons / maximum 20.