Overnight in an ancient madrasah in Uzbekistan
Overnight in an ancient madrasah in Uzbekistan


Overnight in an ancient madrasah


If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the medieval East, stay at the Orient Star Hotel in Khiva. 

The hotel is located in the building of the Muhammad Amin Khan Madrasah – an institution for higher education which was built from 1851-1854 by order of the ruler of Khiva, Muhammad Amin Khan. The madrasah had 125 hujras (cells) designed for students who lived there for years while studying. 

The madrasah was reconstructed in 2000 and turned into a hotel. Today, the premises of the hotel welcome guests from all over the world featuring a magnificent design made in the national style, which reflects the harmony between the past and the present. The hotel has a restaurant located inside another madrasah, Matniyaz Divanbegi, where breakfast is served.

And right in front of the building rises one of the main symbols of the city – the Kalta Minor minaret, the construction of which was supervised by the same Muhammad Amin Khan.

Overnight in an ancient madrasah in Uzbekistan
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