Bohol’s Bug-eyed Tarsiers


Bohol, located east of Cebu is an island province that is naturally beautiful and historically rich. It’s well known for its bug-eyed tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills.

The province has also gained a reputation for having some of the best beaches in the country. Our ‘Fascinating Bohol Tour’ takes in the highlights:

Fascinating Bohol Tour

First stop on the tour is the Philippine Tarsier Foundation in the town of Corella, which serves as a refuge for the smallest primate in the world, the tarsier. Observe these rare, nocturnal creatures in their natural habitat and be amazed by their agility as they move about, leaping from one tree to the other, and swivel their heads nearly 360 degrees. 

Philippines Chocolate Hills

Then proceed to Baclayon. We’ll make a short stop at the historical Blood Compact site, where Spain’s Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, a native chieftain, sealed their friendship with a symbolic drink. Just nearby is Baclayon Church, one of the many stone churches in Bohol. Having lost only its bell tower and portico recently to a strong earthquake, the church still maintains a museum containing a vast collection of religious art, ecclesiastical vestments, as well as librettos of church music inscribed in Latin on animal skins. 

We’ll continue past the Bilar man-made forest, a thick undergrowth of towering mahogany trees grown on the fringes of the highway leading to the Chocolate Hills, the country’s geological wonder. In summer, the hill grasses turn deep brown and resemble chocolate candy drops, hence the name, ‘Chocolate Hills.’ 

On arrival at Loboc River we’ll board a boat for a cruise upstream to a floating restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch.

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