India - Recreate Ancient Scents
India - Recreate Ancient Scents


Recreate Ancient Scents

Explore an ancient perfume distillery in Uttar Pradesh that uses distillation methods practiced for centuries.

Situated on the banks of the Ganges River, Kannauj has had a rich historical past. Deemed as the “Grasse of the East”, it also served as the capital of ruling kingdoms of India from as early as the 4th century. It is a truly unique experience to walk through the distillation process of the most exotic perfumery ingredients in the world. 

Create your own fragrance and walk away with a little fragrant souvenir. If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to new experiences then look no further, because a day at the Perfume Bar will take care of just that. Step inside the world of olfactory splendour with over 500 fragrant ingredients at your disposal. Choose your favourite notes to play around with. Sniff, blend and create your own fragrance while enjoying a delicious signature cocktail. 

The Perfumotel curates an elaborate menu with home-grown ingredients straight from the farm and fresh catch from the river paired with signature scent-infused cocktails and wine.  

Take a walk around the city or lounge in the suite pairing perfume and wine. We guarantee an experience you won’t forget.

Location: Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, India

Delhi to – Kannauj 420 km / 5.5 hrs

One can take the flight / train to Lucknow – Drive to Kannauj Lucknow to Kannauj 120 km / 1.5 hrs

Agra to Kannauj (be vehicle) 210 km / 2.5 hrs

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