Singapore – 29Rooms
Singapore – 29Rooms




Immerse yourself in the international debut of 29Rooms!

The creative playground for the Instagram generation” – The New York Times

Created in collaboration with artists, creators and the community, 29Rooms: Lost & Found has 29 interactive spaces open for all to pause, play, laugh and wonder. Step in and discover sensorial experiences designed for surprise and contemplation, celebration and reflection.  

Each space is a world of its own – from workshops to sleep zones to instagram dens and a fully licensed cafe and bar.

Visit Merry Go Round – a chance to think about what makes up your day, are you fulfilled? Do you need to change the way you work? Visit Long Lost Friend – a place to write to all those you’ve lost touch with, and send it for free! You can even write to yourself and get it delivered in a years time – where do you expect to be in 12 months? Try your hand at t-shirt printing, and contemplate which print fits your own personality.

Are you game?

More information can be found here.

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