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Festive February


10 & 11 February 2024: Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year in Singapore is a jubilant affair, a time when the cityscape comes alive with dazzling decorations in auspicious red and gold as Singapore welcomes the Year of the Dragon in 2024. 

The celebrations begin weeks in advance with Chinatown transforming into a bustling hub of activity, where locals and visitors alike flock to experience the excitement of the festive season. The iconic Chinatown Night Market bustles with energy as stalls offer an array of traditional delicacies, auspicious ornaments and lively performances. 

Chinese New Year in Singapore is more than just a festival; it’s a celebration of cherished traditions, cultural unity and the spirit of togetherness that binds communities together in joyous harmony. It’s a time when the city shines brightest, welcoming the dawn of a new year with open arms and boundless optimism.

23 & 24 February 2024: Chingay Parade

Held in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, The Chingay Parade adds a spectacular dimension to the festivities. Majestic floats, dazzling performances and the iconic lion and dragon dances captivating audiences with their vibrant displays and infectious energy. 

Chingay 2024 invites participants and spectators alike to embark on a sensory journey, showcasing a fusion of traditional and contemporary dance, music, art and technological marvels. Expect an array of designed floats, adorned with breathtaking decorations, each narrating a unique story that celebrates Singapore’s heritage and progress

Marking its place as one of the Asia’s largest street parades, this year edition promises an immersive experience, blending centuries-old traditions with modern performances, promising to captivate audiences of all ages 

(Images credit: Singapore Tourism Board)

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